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Computer Science Resume Examples & Templates for 2023

How to Write a Computer Science Resume, Structure of Computer Science Resume

It can take work to create a strong computer science resume, whether you are looking to advance in your career or just entering the job market. With the requirements and technology constantly evolving, it’s essential to know what to focus on in your resume. With this detailed guide, you can write your computer science resume for success in just a few easy steps.

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Computer science resume example 

Computer Science Specialist
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Innovative computer science specialist skilled in software development, full stack engineering, and leadership of small to medium teams of IT staff. Adept at creating out-of-the-box processes and utilizing cross-department collaboration and analytical thinking to develop unique and secure software solutions.


Globble, 2018-2021

  • Developed programs to lower expenses and improve efficiency.
  • Enhanced internal system security to comply with the latest standards.
  • Proposed a new tracking method that proved more accurate and improved productivity by 15% within 3 months of implementation.
  • Led a team of 5 software developers, consistently reaching department goals before deadlines.

Software Developer
Apeel, 2014-2018

  • Developed and reviewed code for a company-wide sales system.
  • Identified new tools for static code analysis that uncovered an error causing 5% extra yearly expenses.
  • Researched possible security issues and resolved them before launching new code.

Cloud Engineer Intern
TwoPage, 2012-2014

  • Updated documentation to track user problems and create reports on issues.
  • Conducted and assisted in cloud structure reviews, focusing on increasing scalability.
  • Tested new features and changes, improving customer satisfaction by 23%.


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
MSc Computer Science

Pennsylvania State University, Philadelphia, PA
BSc Computer Science


C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP
Dreamweaver, Illustrator
Troubleshooting, Software design, Process optimization


Critical thinking
Analytical approach

How to Write a Computer Science Resume

1. Choose the best resume format for a computer scientist

If you have traditional work experience, then the chronological format is the best for your computer science resume. It’s the most popular format, and recruiters typically prefer it. In a chronological format, your work experience follows your resume summary and is in reverse chronological order. 

However, if you don’t have work experience, a different format may be better for you. The functional resume format is perfect when writing a computer science resume with no experience because it focuses primarily on your skills. Alternatively, you can choose the combination format, combining the two and equally highlighting skills and experience.

Resume Formats Strengths And Weaknesses, Chronological Resume, Functional Resume, Combination Resume, Infographic

2. Pick the best resume header

The header of your computer science resume is the first thing recruiters will notice. Because of this, you need it to leave the best impression possible. Your name and title should clearly stand out on the page, and your title should correspond with the position for which you’re applying. Remember to also include your contact information in the header and ensure there are no typos or mistakes.

Computer science resume header example


Computer Scientist
(111) 222-3456
[email protected]

3. Write an eye-catching resume summary

Your resume summary should be concise, to the point, and packed with value. Two or three sentences should introduce your experience, skills, and how you can add value to the position. The key to success is tailoring your summary to each job you apply for and focusing on achievements.

Computer science resume with no experience summary example

4.0 GPA Computer Science student with a passion for application design and development. Awarded project of the year twice for creating fully responsive Android apps in collaboration with 2 other students. Looking to apply my knowledge and gain experience as an intern at BigTech.

Computer science intern resume objective example

Seasoned programming intern eager to take the next step in my career as a junior programmer at BigTech. Adept at developing working solutions and programs in C#, C++, and JavaScript, as well as QA testing. Quick learner with a strong collaborative skillset and creative thinking.

Profile summary computer science fresher

Innovative computer scientist with a track record of successfully supporting all network systems of international businesses. Highly skilled in troubleshooting, network security, and software development, with strong leadership skills and critical thinking.

As a computer science fresher, crafting an impactful resume summary can greatly increase your chances of standing out to potential employers. A well-written summary can highlight your skills, education, and passion for the field, showcasing your potential as a valuable asset to any organization.

By showcasing your proficiency in programming languages, software development methodologies, and problem-solving abilities, you can demonstrate to employers that you possess the necessary skills to excel in the field of computer science. Additionally, highlighting any industry certifications or relevant coursework can further bolster your credibility as a capable candidate.

Computer science senior resume objective example

Senior software engineer passionate about high math, cybersecurity, and cloud architecture. Bringing 15+ years of experience developing leading software solutions for global companies, including 7 Fortune 500 companies. Eager to pass my knowledge along and use my years of teaching experience to train and educate new hires at BigTech.

4. Describe your work experience

In reverse chronological order, describe your work history, starting with your most recent position. When writing the bullet points, ensure they are concise and focus on achievements rather than duties. Explain the projects you worked on, the skills you used to complete them, and their impact on the company. It’s best to use measurable results and data that clearly illustrate your value. Finally, start each bullet point with a strong action verb, and include keywords from the job listing where they naturally fit in.

Professional work experience sample

Software Developer
BigTech, 2013-2017

  • Designed and developed 6 new programs to automatically troubleshoot and speed up various existing processes, saving up to 1,5 hours daily.
  • Provided technical assistance regarding the company system to over 50 clients.
  • Identified and resolved over 200 issues with existing internal systems.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 38% over 2 years by developing a mobile app for the sales system.

5.  Prove your qualifications with education, training, and certifications

While most computer science jobs require a bachelor’s degree, it is not uncommon to land a job based on an impressive work history or portfolio. Remember to include any certifications or training courses you took over the years when creating your education section. Unless your GPA was above 3.9, leave it out and list your degree, the institution, and the year of graduation.

Computer science resume education example

Master of Computer Science
University of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Coding in C# Master Course
Online course by Code Academy

National Cybersecurity Certificate
PA Board of Computer Engineering & Security

6.  Show employers your value with relevant skills

Your skills are what make you valuable to a potential employer. So, pay close attention to the skills you include on your computer science resume. To get a skills section that will impress the employer, start by writing down all of your skills. Then, compare your list to the skills required in the job listing. From there, pick the 5-10 most relevant skills and include them on your resume. And because skills are crucial for your success, don’t forget to tailor them to each job you apply to.

Skills for computer science resume sample

Hard Skills:

C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML
A/B testing
Data analysis
Software design
Cloud structures

Soft skills:

Analytical thinking
Attention to detail
Time management

List of Top Skills For Computer Science Resume

7.  Use a computer science resume template for a strong impression 

Designing and writing a resume from scratch can take hours, and the result may not be the best. Instead of spending valuable time designing each aspect of your resume, try using a computer science resume template! The visuals of your resume should reflect who you are, as well as highlight the content of each section. With our elegant, classic, modern, or creative templates, you can choose one that best suits your career stage. You can pick your computer science resume template and start working on your resume here.

Computer science specialist resume MS Word Template

Computer Science Specialist Resume Example, MS Word, Pages.

Computer Science Specialist Resume 150080
Download it here →

Computer science cover letter MS Word Template

Computer Science Specialist Cover Letter Example,  MS Word, Pages.

Computer Science Specialist Cover Letter 150080
Download it here →

Key Takeaways 

  • To make a great first impression, use a clean and easy-to-read resume template.
  • Unless you are changing careers or have just graduated, use a chronological format.
  • Always tailor your skills section and keywords throughout the resume to the job you are currently applying to.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off and let your achievements shine in your resume summary.

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