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6+ Best Answers for Why Should We Hire You?

How To Answer "Why Should We Hire You?"

At some point during your interview, you will likely hear the dreaded question: Why should we hire you? Although it seems simple, this question can be tricky and intimidating if you’re not prepared. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare a thoughtful, impressive response.

The interviewer might give you a chance to sell your value as an employee by asking one of these questions:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What makes you a good fit for this job?
  • Why do you think your experience and background are a good fit for this position?
  • Why are you the best person for this job?
  • Why are you interested in this position?

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Why do employers ask this question?

Firstly, they want to see if you have confidence in yourself and your skills. After all, if you don’t seem to believe you are the ideal candidate, why should they? With that in mind, you should always be confident and avoid panicking when interviewers ask this question.

They might also ask why they should hire you to learn how you measure up against the other candidates. Essentially, they want to know what they can gain from you that other candidates can’t provide. This is a great opportunity to show what extra assets you bring to the table, whether your personality or unique work experience. At the same time, you shouldn’t avoid mentioning skills or expertise that may be common but are crucial to the job.

Apart from these, your answer will also reveal whether you’ve done your research. Employers will not want to hire someone who hasn’t even read the job description. Most likely, they will want someone enthusiastic about the position and the company. Telling the interviewer why you applied for the job is a great way to show that you’ve done your research.

This question is your chance to pitch yourself to the interviewer. Present yourself as an invaluable asset, and your chances of moving forward in the hiring process will skyrocket.

How to answer, “Why should we hire you?”

The key to answering this question is to avoid being overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, focus on preparation. Start by identifying which of your qualifications are relevant to the position. Afterward, think about the times you’ve used these qualifications in your past jobs. As you go through each step, make mental notes, or write your answers down. Finally, think about the skills or expertise that make you unique. As mentioned before, it is crucial to stand out and explain your unique value. Then, combine all these into one answer.

When preparing for your interview, read through the job description at least twice. Then, identify the qualities that align with the requirements to make a list of relevant points you can mention. These can be your skills, but also personality traits or certifications. To distinguish yourself as a candidate, select at least five of your core strengths relevant to the position. Also, don’t forget about the possible qualifications that can set you apart. For example, you might have extra knowledge about the company product or unique certifications in the field. All these will help you stand out as a candidate from the competition.

“Why should we hire you?” Steps for Answering

With enough preparation (and maybe a confidence boost from family and friends), you will be well on your way to giving the perfect answer!

1. Show them you’ve done your research and know what the job involves

Review the job posting to get a deeper understanding of what the employer is looking for. To determine the specific qualities and skills they seek, look at the requirements, education, and experience section. These will give you an idea of which of your qualifications are relevant for the position. But it doesn’t end with the job description. Next, spend some time studying the company. Their mission, projects, and goals can give you an idea of what qualities they seek in their employees. Moreover, this information can help you plan your answer. To show that you’ve done your research, explain which of their values resonate with you or how you could help them achieve some of their goals.

2. Explain why your background and experience would be a good fit for the position

In your answer, connect your experience to the specific position and company. In other words, explain why your qualifications make you the ideal candidate for this particular job. In the least, you should go over the requirements from the job posting and address each of them with examples from your career. But to stand out, you should also add any information about your background that could give you a competitive advantage. This could be anything relevant to the job, from being multilingual to volunteering abroad.

3. Show them you’re excited about the job and will be motivated and enthusiastic in the role

Being invited to an interview means the employer most likely knows you’re capable of performing everyday duties. So, apart from highlighting your value, don’t forget to show your passion and enthusiasm for the job. After all, every employer will want employees who can keep a positive attitude and enjoy work. But don’t go too far. A smile and a few words about why you are enthusiastic about the role are just enough.

6+ Sample Answers to “Why Should We Hire You?”

Sample Answer #1 – Why Should We Hire You?

I am an ambitious worker and a fast learner with a proactive approach. Although I have no formal experience in sales, I have volunteered in roles with similar skillsets. For example, while volunteering in the city museum, my job was to ensure that customers leave satisfied. Or, while volunteering at the shelter, I learned to communicate and find common ground with people from all backgrounds. I trust this experience makes me an excellent fit for this position. I am excited by the opportunity to prove my passion and commitment to this role.

Sample Answer #2 – Why Should We Hire You?

As you can see from my resume, most of my work experience has been in various managerial positions in the construction field. Although in a different industry, these roles have given me an understanding of leadership, problem-solving, and analytical skills. In the job listing, I noticed you were seeking someone to manage the new branch and help onboard new employees. In my previous roles, I was also responsible for new hires, whom I helped get acquainted with our technologies, standards, and processes. This helped me understand the importance of team building, effective communication, and active listening. I am confident that my experience will translate well into this role, and I am excited to begin my career in this industry.

Sample Answer #3 – Why Should We Hire You?

I trust that my academic record sets me apart from others. Studying at Cornell University has exposed me to multi-cultural environments and taught me valuable communication skills. Also, living on campus has taught me the importance of networking, organization, and self-motivation. In my extracurricular activities, I always strived for excellence. Winning the Chess championship and qualifying for the national swimming competition with my team are some of my biggest achievements. I am ambitious and proactive in my approach to learning as well as work and volunteering. I believe that these qualities set me apart and make me the ideal candidate for this position.

Sample Answer #4 – Why Should We Hire You?

In my 10 years of working in this field, I have acquired a valuable skill set and experience, which I would love to bring to your company. Considering my commitment to professional growth, I have been working tirelessly on my leadership and communication skills, which I am excited to use in my future job. I always commit to excellence in my work. This reflects my references and my past employer's recognition of my value as part of their team. I strive to continue giving 100% effort in all my future endeavors, which will hopefully be part of your company.

Sample Answer #5 – Why Should We Hire You?

First off, it is a great pleasure to be interviewed at such an esteemed company. I have been an advocate of your products for many years and would be honored to be a part of their creation. I have all the skills and qualifications necessary for this position. The skills I have honed throughout my past projects have equipped me for a role exactly like this. Moreover, I am self-motivated, ambitious, and dedicated to exceeding expectations. I can quickly pick up new knowledge and keep a positive attitude as a solo worker and a team player. I believe these attributes, along with my experience, make me the ideal candidate for this position.

Sample Answer #6 – Why Should We Hire You?

I bring with me 5 years of professional experience in various positions in the industry. I have worked for industry giants and start-ups, gaining insight into the everyday challenges and overcoming them with ease. The variety of environments I have worked in has granted me great versatility, which I believe would benefit your company. My extensive experience and qualifications align with the company's requirements and make me a perfect fit for this role.

Common mistakes to avoid

  • Overselling yourself – Confidence is great, but too much of it can make you seem arrogant. When answering, don’t be afraid to point out your best qualities, but always stay humble. Coming off as cocky during an interview could easily ruin your chances.
  • Saying, “I don’t know.” – Of course, the decision of who to hire is ultimately up to the employer. However, that doesn’t mean that your answers won’t affect it. The interviewer is looking for confidence and enthusiasm in your response and saying “I don’t know” doesn’t show either. Remember that the more time you put into preparing a well-informed answer, the better your chances will be.
  • Lying – Similar to your resume and cover letter, you should never lie during your interview. It can ruin your chances of getting the job and give you a bad reputation that will stick with you.

Now, you have an idea of how to respond when the interviewer asks, “Why should we hire you?” The key to a successful answer is distinguishing yourself from other applicants. So, prepare a confident, value-centric answer that will make you stand out. To do that, research, prepare, and practice. Soon, you’ll be ready to give a killer answer and impress the employer!

3 Steps For Answering “why Should We Hire You?”

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