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How To Get a Job Faster With a Professionally Written Resume

How To Get A Job Faster With A Professionally Written Resume

You’re in a hurry, there’s a great ad for a role that’s perfect for you. You submit your updated resume and you wait for the verdict. Get that job now and you’ll build your career faster than if you miss it and wait 6 months for another opportunity. Numbers don’t lie and the facts speak volumes.

Our research with employers showed the stark reality. Candidates who submit a professionally written resume increase their chances of selection. That’s because they’re 79% more likely to win an interview.

Independent research has shown employers perceive such candidates as worth 7% more. As a result, they accelerate their prospects and start this next stage of their careers faster.

You can reshape your resume yourself, or you can outsource that task to an expert. They’ll know exactly what employers currently want to see. Therefore, we’ll show you the 6 dynamic factors which make for a professionally written resume. Using one will speed up your career faster.

Professionally Written Resume Survey

Appear more employable with your resume

Employers are very clear. They perceive applicants with a professionally written resume as more employable. Let’s look at how you can press those buttons and appear more employable than the other applicants.

  • Be confident. Stride with pride. You have something to offer, so be clear what that is and show it. Be firm and be positive, but avoid appearing strident, demanding, or even desperate.
  • Focus on results. Show that you can deliver against even the toughest challenges. You’re not employed to just turn up and pass the time. You’ve made a difference before; show you can do so again.
  • Inspire trust. Be a great fit with respect to the challenges ahead, as well as being a perfect match to the skills required. Employers dislike unnecessary risk, so show you’re the safe pair of hands for this role.

If you don’t want to get left behind, put maximum effort into your resume. That also helps you pitch at the top of the advertised salary scale. Listen to what employers say in the ad and the role specification and play to that.

Get the inside track for your professional resume – 6 factors

Everybody’s reason for applying differs, so here are the six key traits our own professional resume writers concentrate on. They weave them into any professionally written resume that they work on.

  • Even if you’re not applying for an actual leadership role, employers want to see future potential. Prove your skills at communicating, critically analyzing problems, and positively engaging with others.
  • Anyone can just turn up in the morning, open emails, and respond to instructions. To make a real difference, you need to be proactive so show you do things today that make a difference for tomorrow.
  • Actions speak louder than words, so illustrate your achievements. That doesn’t mean showing you’re a caffeine-loaded, hyper-active fitness freak. Show capability through your relentless ability to load, aim, fire, and score regularly.
  • Who cares what you cost? Because it’s the benefits, you can deliver that predict your real worth. To be an asset, show you’re someone who takes the reins and rides hard, and you’ll drive your career faster.
  • Employers want motivated people, not someone who’s had this role five times already. Also, they want to be sure it’s not too big a leap for you. Make your resume tell the compelling story of why this is exactly the right step for both you and them.
  • You can have the best potential in the world, but if the line manager can’t find it easily, you’re nowhere. A professionally written resume controls the reader’s journey through your career. As a result, it sets the context, uses keywords, and enables rapid scanning for essential requirements.

Walk that talk in 5 steps on your professional resume

As the cliche says, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. If you’re serious about wanting this next opportunity, now is the time to re-write your resume. In other words, re-focus it to show how valuable you really are.

  • Step 1
    Work through your career and write out lists of key points you can make which tie into the above six traits. Think about your achievements and the results you’ve delivered in each previous role. Think about the scale of those and plan to show the context. If you made a 10% improvement in something, that could be truly astounding and worthy of a Nobel prize. Equally, it could be an inconsequential grain of sand in a vast desert, so help the reader see the difference.
  • Step 2
    The ad, person specification, and role description are your best friends. Use them to identify the specific capabilities hiring managers are looking for. Now choose the items from step 1 which support your claim for a seat at the interview table.
  • Step 3 
    Above all, you need to portray the story and events of your career clearly. Choose a template style that’s right for you. You might want something free and basic or something more sophisticated. Check out our wide range of professional templates.
  • Step 4 
    Always follow best practices to create your professionally written resume. Here are 20 tips to help you write a great resume.
  • Step 5 
    If that all works for you, great! However, if you struggle, use a professional resume writer. They have the advantage of knowing what employers need to see and offer several benefits. Choose the level of investment and type of service that’s right for you to create a professional resume.

Invest in yourself via your resume

A better resume increases your chances of winning an interview. The sooner you get that next dream job, the sooner you’ll be driving your career faster. Get things right on your professionally written resume to justify a higher salary. Even one more month without that new salary costs you more than the time and effort spent. Earn more, sooner. What’s not to like?

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