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20+ Best Microsoft Word Resume Templates for 2024

Best Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Microsoft Word resume templates are an easy way to create impressive, professional documents in record time. Whether you’re updating your current resume or writing a new one, with Word resume templates, you can skip past the formatting and design and get to writing straight away. Just download your favorite template and fill in your information in minutes, and you’ll be ready to land your dream job.

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How to Use Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Word resume templates are a great timesaver that can make you more productive and simplify your work during your job search. Essentially, the templates save you from having to re-create your desired resume format and design each time. In turn, this will save you time and help you create a resume that is polished, professional, and up to industry standards. The process of creating your resume with Microsoft Word resume templates is simple – follow these steps.

How to Use Microsoft Word Resume Templates, infographic.


  1. Choose your template – In Microsoft Word, click “File” and then “New.” In the “Available Templates” window, choose a resume template that matches your needs. Or, if you can’t find one you like, look for more resume templates in the “Search for templates” search window.
  2. Click the template you want to use – Once you find a template you like, click on it or download it from the website and open it in Word.
  3. Edit your resume as needed – All of the fields should include only your original information. In practice, this means replacing the generic text in the heading, summary, education, skills, experience, and contact information sections (as well as other possible sections or pictures) with your content.
  4. Save your resume as DOC or PDF – When you’re happy with your new resume, click “File” and select “Save As.” Enter the name of the document and select one of the file formats in the dropdown list. In case of exporting your resume as a PDF, Word might display a warning message, on which you should click “OK.”
  5. Print your resume or attach it to an email as needed – When sending out your resume, ensure you’ve got the correct format according to the employer’s requirements. Also, print your resume beforehand to avoid having to fix any formatting issues at the last minute.

What Are the Key Features of a Great Word Resume Template?

There are many Word resume templates available on the market today, such as those shown below. However, if you don’t know what features to look for, choosing one can be challenging. So, let’s look at a list of the key features that every great resume should have.

  • Pre-made templates: Your resume must be 100% fully customizable with well-organized layers. You can change the template’s format to your preferred structure.
  • Resume sections:  Your resume needs visible, easy-to-scan sections, including contact information, resume summary, skills, education, and experience.
  • ATS-friendly: Use a simple, professional ATS-friendly template. Certain design elements like headers, footers, graphs, and catchy graphics can cause an ATS to read out of order. Not all templates you’ll find online follow the best practices.
  • Professional design: If you want to stand out from a sea of applicants, a great design is a must. A high-quality Word resume template should feature a design that doesn’t distract the reader with flashy colors or extravagant fonts. Instead, it should complement your resume and highlight the sections.
  • Easy to use: Make a resume and cover letter in minutes with pre-made templates. A4 & US Letter sizes.
  • Print-ready: High-resolution files are easy to save as Docx, PDF, and printout.

20+ Best Word Resume Templates

Here is a selection of more than twenty Word resume template options that will suit a variety of professionals, from managers, marketers, and designers, to consultants and more. Browse through these templates to find one that will best showcase your accomplishments and grab the attention of potential employers.

Modern Word Resume Templates

Registered Nurse Resume Template 150020

Registered Nurse Resume Template 150020

Elevate your nursing career with our meticulously designed Registered Nurse Resume Template 15020. This comprehensive template is tailored to highlight your expertise, qualifications, and professional experience, allowing you to make a standout impression in the competitive healthcare industry. Download now and take the first step towards securing your dream nursing position.
Download it here →

Resume template 120940 

Word Professional Resume Template 120910. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

This modern resume template 120940 is suited for content creators at any stage of their career. By spreading out the header and “Skills” section horizontally, the resume below fits a lot of crucial content comfortably on one or two pages.
Download it here →

Resume Tip: While there are some commonly used resume styles, your resume should reflect your experience, relevant skills, and personality. You should consider having multiple versions of your resume tailored for each job you apply for. Research has shown that recruiters tend to spend only 5 - 9 seconds per resume.

Entry-Level Resume Template 150100

Entry Level Resume Template 150100 MS Word, Pages Preview

The Entry-Level Resume Template 150100 MS Word, Pages offers a two-column layout that is perfect for showcasing your qualifications and skills while maximizing space on the page. With its logical organization, this template makes it easy to navigate and effectively highlight your qualifications as an entry-level candidate.
Download it here →

Graphic Designer Resume 1500040

Graphic Designer Resume 1500040 Preview

This modern and stylish Graphic Designer Resume template 1500040 MS Word, Pages is designed to make a lasting impression. With a clean and professional layout, this template is perfect for showcasing your skills, experience, and creative flair. The sleek design and carefully chosen typography will help you stand out in the competitive job market.
Download it here →

Word resume template 120710

Pre-made Modern Resume Template 120710, MS Word, Pages.

A modern resume template with a simple yet confident design for any job seeker. The section on the right-hand side is pre-formatted for a candidate profile, where you can summarize your professional background or include a short note to each employer.
Download it here →

Resume Tip: You should first decide whether you will use a chronological, functional, or combination format. Each of these has its benefits depending on your career level and background.

Resume template with photo

Pre-made Resume Template with photo.

If you’re looking for a modern resume template that isn’t too colorful, this is the one for you. This light resume design has clean lines and enough white space to highlight your qualifications.
Download it here →

Resume template 120290 

Stylish two-column Modern Resume Template 120290. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

A stylish two-column resume template 120290 with a touch of navy grey, ensuring a youthful, modern look. You can easily tailor the color to your liking and use a different accent color. This is the perfect resume template for managers, salespeople, or employees who want their resume to exude confidence. The versatility of the template makes it suitable for many positions.
Download it here →

Fashion resume template

Resume Fashion Retail Manager

The vibrant modern style contains a spot for your headshot. This format can be greatly beneficial, especially for applicants working in the media or advertising professionals who want to keep their job application aesthetically distinctive to potential employers.
Download it here →

Resume template 120100

Modern resume template 120100 with a simple design. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

This is a modern resume template with a simple yet confident design that can be used by any professional. The left-hand colored panel is pre-formatted for a written profile, where you can write a description of your background or a standard letter to each employer. Ensure you customize this message for each new recipient so it is appropriate for the position you’re applying to.
Download it here →

Freelance resume template

Resume Freelance Writer template

This modern resume template features a unique, eye-catching black sidebar that is guaranteed to help you stand out from the other applicants.
Download it here →

Designer resume template 

Resume Ux Designer Template

When you’re applying for jobs where showcasing your personality is an advantage, this resume template can significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job.
Download it here →

To explore more modern resume templates, visit our collection of pre-made modern resume templates.

Classic Word Resume Templates

Computer Science Specialist Resume 150080

Computer Science Specialist Resume Template MS Word, Pages. Professionally pre-made template.

Maximize your career opportunities in the dynamic world of technology with our meticulously crafted Computer Science Specialist Resume Template 150080. Tailored to showcase your technical prowess, educational background, and professional achievements, this template provides a compelling framework to present your skills to potential employers.
Download it here →

Word resume template 120750 

Classic two-column resume template 120750. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

This classic two-column resume template 120750 is a must-have for job seekers who want to leave a warm impression. Its design reflects a modern, professional, and friendly worker ready to take on a new challenge. The classic resume design is enriched by the bold titles and selection of modern fonts.
Download it here →

Resume template 120660 

Minimalist resume template 120660. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

If you’re looking for a minimalist resume template, you’ve found the one. Traditional resume elements are combined with a clean, minimalist structure in this Word resume template, creating a sleek look with excellent readability.
Download it here →

Resume template 120350

Three-column resume template 120350 offers a structured design. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

This three-column resume template 120350 offers a structured design that quickly guides the reader through your most significant achievements. It is suitable for people from any field as it balances both a creative and a professional look.
Download it here →

Resume template 120830

A classic two-column resume template 120830. Fully customozible in MS Word, Pages.

A classic two-column resume template. It’s the perfect choice for applicants who want to demonstrate a friendly and enthusiastic personality. Bold titles for a job seeker’s name are minimal yet essential changes for a typically elegant resume design.
Download it here →

Stanley resume template

Word Resume Template Stanley

A classic two-column resume template is slightly more traditional than the others, but it still offers a trendy, unique neutral color scheme.
Download it here →

To explore more classic resume templates, visit our collection of pre-made classic resume templates.

Elegant Word Resume Templates

Resume template 120670 

Elegant Resume Template 120670, MS Word, Pages.

With a two-column layout, this resume design is professional and robust. This template is appropriate for any professional who wants to project confidence and competence. Professional-looking icons are positioned next to the contact information, and every central element of the resume has a slightly thick underline for easy navigation.
Download it here →

Word Resume Template 120870 

Word Resume Template 120870. Easy to use. Fully customizable in Word, Pages.

This template strikes the ideal blend of classic and elegant design. Best for a professional who aims to appear sophisticated and thoughtful without being overbearing. It not only has a spot for a headshot in the top-left corner, but you can also tailor the color of the whole panel to your preference.
Download it here →

Referent resume template 

Resume Template Professional Referent

This sleek resume template will work equally well for an academic CV as it will for a more formal manager-level resume. It primarily focuses on the content, with a few bar graphs showing your competency level in other areas.
Download it here →

Resume template 120800

Classic resume template 120800 with a compact, professional design. Fully customizable in MS Word, Pages. Include: Contact info, Summary, Experience, Skills, Awards.

A classic resume template with a compact, professional design. This template is a perfect fit for any job seeker as it is optimized for modern applicant tracking systems. Bold titles and underlines emphasize critical information and improve the resume’s readability.
Download it here →

Primary teacher resume template 

Resume Primary Teacher

This is another universal resume template alternative that will help you look professional regardless of the industry in which you’re job hunting.
Download it here →

Designer resume template

Resume Designer

If you want your resume to stand out without being too extravagant, this two-column resume template with a photo that you can remove is a great alternative.
Download it here →

To explore more elegant resume templates, visit our collection of pre-made elegant resume templates.

Microsoft Word Free Resume Templates

Purple resume template 

Free Word Resume Template Purple

This Free Microsoft Word modern resume template is the perfect choice for entry-level candidates who don’t have much experience to include on their resumes yet.
Download it here →

Blue resume template

Best Free Word Resume Template to Download, blue. fully customizable in MS Word and Pages.

Another Free Microsoft Word template is this simple beginner resume design that perfectly showcases recent graduates’ education, experience, and competencies.
Download it here →

Premium Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Premium Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Whether you prefer modern or traditional resume and cover letter templates, this collection of templates will help you find the one that best represents your personal brand. And if you still haven’t found the right one, consider choosing from hundreds of other easy-to-edit and printable templates online.
Download it here →

Tips for Using Resume Templates

  • Tailor and personalize the resume template – Everything in your finished resume template should be unique to you and the position you’re applying for. From the style of template you use to the content like employment history or education, your resume should reflect who you are as an employee. At the same time, you should always tailor the content of your resume to the job and company. For instance, include relevant volunteering experience, or highlight the skills required in the job description. Another effective way to tailor your resume is to include keywords from the job description throughout your writing.
  • Focus on what matters – When choosing a template, pick one that’s easy to edit and navigate. Avoid using fancy fonts and formatting for your resume. These might get lost when you upload your resume and might decrease the readability. Also, keep your resume to one page unless you have more experience. Your resume doesn’t have to include every job you ever had. In fact, employers are typically looking to find no more than 10-15 years of experience on a resume.
  • Choose the right file format and name – Some employers might ask for resumes in a specific format. So, when uploading or sending your resume, make sure to double-check that it complies with their requirements. Give the file a unique name to ensure that your resume won’t get lost once the hiring manager saves it. For example, you can save the finished resume template as [Full Name] Resume.doc, [Last Name] resume.docx, or similar.
  • Proofread your resume – Especially when you’re typing over an existing resume template, it’s easy to miss minor mistakes or missing information. Before you save your finished resume template, double-check that the contact information, education, experience, and skills include your information and not the pre-typed template content. And, of course, proofread your resume multiple times to avoid grammatical errors or typos that could make you look lousy and unprofessional.

Microsoft Word resume templates can be an essential tool in your job hunt. With hundreds of templates to choose from for all industries and positions, it’s easy to see why many job seekers turn to Word resume templates. Using the templates shown in this article and following the tips above, you can save time and create a resume that will highlight your value and impress the hiring managers.

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