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Graphic Designer Resume Examples & Templates for 2024

Graphic Designer Resume Template.

If you are a graphic designer looking for a new role, without a doubt, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that your graphic designer resume is the best it possibly can be.

Unlike other industries, being a graphic designer lets you show off your skills. Although you should still ensure that your resume is easy to read, making an effort to format it in an eye-catching way is a useful secondary tool for helping you stand out from the crowd. A strong resume will help you stand out to potential employers, therefore highlighting your strengths and suitability for a role.

Using our guide, you can create a role-winning resume before landing the jobs you deserve.

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Janet Jones

Senior Graphic Designer
Phone: +1 (123) 568-7799
Address: 1St Ave Chicago, IL 12390

Professional Summary:

Over 15 years of experience working within the graphic design industry, producing packaging designs and associated products accordingly. Seven years as the senior team leader in a department of 12, including being responsible for overseeing projects from start to finish and delegating tasks wherever necessary. Highly skilled in problem-solving with the result that deadlines are consistently reached. Experienced working with Adobe and Microsoft suites as well as fluency in Java and HTML scripts. Awarded employee of the quarter three times due to outstanding performance as well as the successful implementation of time-saving measures.

Key Skills:

  • HTML and Java
  • Microsoft suites
  • Adobe Suites
  • Team management
  • Timekeeping
  • Mentoring capabilities
  • Problem-solving

Employment History:

Senior Graphic Designer
The Graphic Design of People

  • Responsible for overseeing a 12-member graphic design team within a successful marketing company
  • Project manager role on more than 50 separate occasions
  • Supervised and mentored 14 junior team members in order to promote progress and achievements
  • 50% increase in productivity and staff satisfaction over five years

Graphic Designer, Team Leader
PDQ Graphic Design

  • Project lead on ten occasions
  • Promoted to team leader after six months
  • Ensured project completion within deadlines on 100% of occasions
  • Improved staff satisfaction within my team by more than 60%

Junior Graphic Designer
Altered Images

  •  Completed training in Adobe suite and Microsoft suite within the first six months
  • Promoted twice in 3 years
  • Recognized as the most improved newcomer within 12 months of joining the company


BAhons Graphic Design
Name of Your College

Awards and Certifications:

  • Certified Microsoft Expert (2012)
  • Awarded Industry Recognised Progress Award (2021)


  • Children’s book – Designed the layout for That’s My Tiger children’s book while collaborating with the author and illustrator for design input.
  • Web development – Designed website for by adding new pages and adjusting existing design, among other responsibilities, in order to provide a better user experience.
  • Newsletters – Created a range of templates for a local High School, which are used for creating newsletters and parent information emails.

How to Write a Graphic Designer Resume

Knowing where to start when putting together your resume can sometimes take time and effort. The tips below will help provide a framework in order to guide your resume-writing process. 

1. Start with a Graphic Designer Resume Objective that Turns Heads

The objective – or summary – will be the first thing potential employers will see when they look at your resume. This is the opening paragraph of your resume. It should provide an overview of your abilities and how you are suited to the role you are applying for. 

It would help if you always used the job description to help you write your objective. This will provide insight into the type of person prospective employers are looking for and can help you to highlight the most important areas of your skills and experience.

Graphic Designer Resume Summary – Example

Experienced graphic designer with more than ten years of industry experience, five years of team-leading experience, and two years of experience as department head. Trained in every step of the process from inception to completion. Skilled in Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, as well as web design. 

Objectives for a Graphic Designer Resume – Example

Five years working as a team leader, including leading a team of 10 through various projects and ensuring their completion within set timelines. Trained and experienced in Adobe and Microsoft Suites as well as a variety of other software. Skilled in web design and coding in HTML, Java, and Dreamweaver. Experienced in overseeing projects from beginning to end while problem-solving and troubleshooting.

2. Familiarise Yourself with the Graphic Designer Resume Description

You should never underestimate how much information you can glean from a job description. By outlining the role and key responsibilities, employers are therefore able to tell candidates the skills they need to show to fulfill the role.

Make sure to thoroughly read the job description before applying so that you can tailor your resume accordingly.

Graphic Designer Job Description – Example

Candidates will work as part of a team within a fast-paced and continuously developing graphic design department. Individuals will be required to collaborate with individuals from other marketing and development departments in order to create and develop campaigns. Projects will vary in format and style, so a broad range of knowledge will be required. Attention to detail is vital, alongside an ability to meet tight deadlines and adjust to potential changes within a brief. The ideal candidate will have experience working as part of a team, mentoring less-experienced staff members in order to help them develop their skills. A desire for continuous learning in addition to self-development is desirable, and we will ensure that these opportunities are offered.

As you will notice, the underlined areas highlight the crucial skills and experience that an employer is hoping for in potential candidates. Using this information within your resume can be done in several ways. For example, you can list the relevant skills at the top of your skills section or note team leader experience within your work history.

3. How to Put Skills on a Resume for a Graphic Designer

Every recruiter will want to know that you have the skills necessary to do the job thoroughly and effectively. This is why it’s essential to list your skills in your resume. As a general rule, you should always list the most relevant ones at the top of the list, then followed by those less relevant ones. 

Skills for Graphic Designer Resume – Examples

  • Fluent in Java
  • Experienced in leading a team
  • Using Adobe suite
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Team management experience
  • Collaborating with other departments

Below is a list of skills commonly found on Graphic Designer resumes. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should help guide you when writing this section for yourself. 

List of Skills to Put on a Graphic Designer Resume – Example

Communication skillsMicrosoft Experience
Time managementPhotoshop Experience
Problem-solvingJava Script
HTMLSearch Engine Optimization
Team managementWordPress
AdobeCollaborative skills
TypographyLeadership skills
Product packaging design 

Top Graphic Deigner Skills For Your Resume List

By emphasizing these key skills on your graphic design resume, you can present yourself as a well-rounded candidate who possesses both technical expertise and artistic vision – qualities that employers value when hiring for this dynamic field.

4. List your Awards and Certifications on a Graphic Designer Resume

If you have gained awards and certifications through your career as a graphic designer, then you should want to show them off. Especially if you have any industry-recognized awards. Making sure they are listed within your resume tells recruiters that you have been publicly acknowledged for your talents and have worked hard to gain the skills you have obtained. 

Awards and Certifications – Example

  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Google Analytics IQ
  • FreeCode Camp Certification – Information and Security QA

5. Add or Create a Portfolio Section in your Resume

Whether you are an experienced graphic designer or just starting out, a portfolio is essential to any resume. This is where you can show off your talents and impress potential employers in order to demonstrate your skills. 

Your portfolio should include a selection of samples of your work in order to show off different areas of work and experience.

If you are a new graphic designer, you might not have examples of paid projects to show off. This doesn’t have to mean you can’t create a portfolio. Instead, mock up some samples for pretend companies and projects which highlight your skills and expertise.

Graphic Designer Resume Portfolio Examples

  • Web Design – Worked with the web design team to build a new website for the eCommerce company, CozyNights, with the result that their sales increased by 150% in six months.
  • Newsletter Formatting – Designed and formatted newsletters for That Marketing Company by chiefly including their new branding in a way that was easily digestible for consumers.
  • Advertising Campaign – Worked as part of a team for the purpose of creating an advertising campaign for Sell That Car. Created flyers, newsletters, and billboards, in order to promote a deal on car sales throughout Spring 2020.
  • Packaging Design – Designed the packaging for a bedding set for the Haymarket department store. In essence, creating a new design as part of their rebranding project. In this case, the project implemented new branding alongside an eye-catching design.

MS Word Graphic Designer Resume Template

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Graphic Designer Resume 1500040

Graphic designer cover letter 150040

Graphic Designer Cover Letter 150040

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