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Choose the Right Executive Resume Writing Service in 7 Steps

How To Choose An Executive Resume Writing Service

Executive resume writing services accelerate your speed in landing a top high-paying job. With a better focus, your targeted resume and optimized profile summary tell a more compelling story. That increases your chance of interview selection and ensures the panel feels favorable toward you. Use the faster transition from one job to the next to either preserve or rebuild your career momentum, depending on your situation.

How to choose the right executive resume writing service in 7 steps

Step 1: Research for a professional resume writer

  • Clearly defined process: Choose a resume writer who has a clearly defined process for crafting executive resumes. Avoid vague or overly creative approaches and look for writers who emphasize positive skills rather than mysticism or hype.
  • Realistic objectives: Beware of resume writers who guarantee immediate job placement, as no one can guarantee an interview or a job. The focus should be on improving your odds rather than making unrealistic promises.
  • Ownership of files: Ensure that the final resume files belong to you, allowing you to tailor the document in the future. Avoid services that expect you to repeatedly return for revisions.
  • Scope of services: Check if the executive resume writing service includes drafts of a cover letter, a thank-you letter, LinkedIn profile text, website content, and other related services. Avoid paying for services you may not use.
  • 1:1 collaboration: Ensure that you will be working directly with the writer. Request direct contact with the resume writer before committing to their services for reassurance.

Step 2: Check out the free resume review

  • A professional resume writer will give you valuable and detailed feedback on your resume. They understand what employers look for in a resume and are up to date with current selection trends.
  • Ask for a free resume review by an executive resume writer.  Your reviewer will provide feedback on your resume’s strengths and weaknesses, and you will get an idea of how the resume writing service would approach your resume.
  • Look at the following process steps. These should cover a deeper review of your professional background and specific areas to target. They should provide insight into the challenges of meeting the main role requirements.
  • Note whether and how the resume writing service might highlight your additional added value. It is a challenging exercise to do but always worthwhile.

Step 3. Consider the quality of the executive resume writing service

  • Testimonials and reviews are a good place to start but look for resume examples on the service provider’s website.
  • Don’t be dazzled by flashy resumes. Design, style, and structure are important but think technically rather than aesthetically. The layout has to be both ATS-friendly and reader-friendly.
  • Look at the words. They should be easily understandable, without jargon, and hyperbole-free. Will your professional resume be written in the first person or third person? The first-person is usually more personal and makes a greater impact.
  • Ensure the examples you can see are based on actual resumes, not those artificially constructed for marketing purposes.
  • Look at the website’s career advice section. Make sure this is still in current use and provides informative articles. If they’re shallow, insubstantial, or obvious marketing, then move on.
  • Look at the background of the resume writer and ignore supposed ‘qualifications.’ Find a writer who’s followed a professional career to a senior level and had experience in recruitment and hiring. They must be up to date with best practices and able to write compelling material unique to you.

Step 4: Look at any guarantees offered

  • Resume writing is a to-and-fro process. Any guarantees should focus on performing the work to a level of satisfaction, not on the certainty of getting an interview or a job.
    That ensures the ability to get the resume writer back on track if they go off in the wrong direction.
  • Check out whether there are different levels of service offered. Is the turnaround time to receive the first draft okay for your needs?
  • If you have a deadline, don’t be afraid to ask up front if the writer can practically meet that or not.
  • Be aware that guarantees will never cover infinite rewrites as you chase job after job. Resume writing services aim to target the initial specific role you provide the details for and tailor for others.

Step 5: Executive resume writing service cost

  • Price range: Executive resume writing service costs can range from $250 to $3,000, depending on the process and the experience of the resume writer or career coach.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Instead of being solely put off by the dollar value, consider the likely return on your investment (ROI) as the most important factor.
  • Balance price and service scope: Balance the price against the scope of service offered. Consider the reputation of the executive resume writing service and the credibility of the information presented, including any testimonials provided.
  • High vs. low pricing: A very high price may indicate that the service is targeted at very senior executive resumes, while the lowest pricing may not cover the time required for quality service.
  • Additional considerations: Evaluate the potential cost of delays in getting work and ensure that the service includes the scope of services you need, such as drafts of a cover letter, a thank-you letter, LinkedIn profile text, and more.

Step 6: Making the final choice

Misunderstandings can happen. It’s a fact of life, so consider how the service proposes to handle that if you end up holding a shiny new resume but feeling there’s a problem with it.
As you make your final selection, do you feel confident the service will successfully deliver a professional resume to you? When finished, it should:
Include the relevant keywords an ATS needs to see but in a natural, readable way.

  • Provide an efficient user experience for the busy recruiter who has to review 100+ resumes.
  • Deliver the increased level of detail a hiring manager needs to see in an engaging way.
  • Present a compelling career story about your match for this next opportunity.
  • Show you can deliver results at the level of responsibility the hiring organization requires.
  • Demonstrate the added value that aims to put you ahead of the other applying candidates.
  • Those are your aims and also show the main reasons why it’s worth using a professional executive resume writer.

Step 7: Proceeding, once you’ve chosen

  • Have confidence in your final choice of a resume writing service. If you consider all of the above, your risk of ending up dissatisfied will be small. Then throw yourself into the process with commitment and put doubts aside.
  • Focus on working in partnership with your resume writer. That will increase your chances of being selected for an interview. It will also set the interview panel up with a positive frame of mind before they even meet you. Ultimately it will accelerate your job hunt considerably.

Essential things to know before buying an executive resume writing service

  • There is no mystery to good resume writing. It needs current knowledge about selection processes and experience of what works at your career level. Also, the skill to construct a compelling story about why you and the employer are a great match.
  • Everyone’s career to date is unique, so over 80% of resume writing is strategy. Your resume writer looks at your background in detail for three reasons. They identify your relevant achievements and present your career in context. They also draw out your added value relative to other applicants.
  • Using a professionally written resume gives you a 40% greater advantage of being seen by the hiring manager. That’s according to research by Forbes. That’s why more than 60% of senior executives hire an executive resume writer today and why you can gain an advantage at your career level too.
  • Be aware that resumes to ‘market’ you and ‘sell’ you are different. If you’re targeting a specific job or role type, your resume writer can tightly focus on ‘selling’ you. If you are flexibly job-hunting, your resume writer will present your skills and abilities differently.
  • Your professional executive resume writer will write to score with the hiring manager. The applicant tracking system (ATS) software is important but secondary. Struggling to achieve a specific ATS score is futile. Employers’ ATSs work differently from those you can access. ATS software actually ranks candidates relative to each other, not relative to the ad.

How can executive resume writing services help me?

Choosing an executive resume writing service is quick to do, provided you know what you want to achieve. Obviously, you want interviews, and you want them rapidly. The professional executive resume writer will understand what you’re aiming at and ensure you avoid an unfocussed strategy that would dilute your impact. They’ll be capable of re-shaping your resume to hit that mark.

There are many professional executive resume writing services to choose from. The best services have good examples, positive reviews, and responsive customer service teams.

FAQ: Executive resume writing service

Q: Is it worth paying for an executive resume-writing service?

Senior executives hold positions with high levels of responsibility and decision-making authority. To progress in their careers, they need the most effective professional advancement tools. This is when the services of an executive resume writer are valuable. With a resume, cover letter, and a personal branding package tailored to specific skills and goals, executive resume writing services can assist C-level professionals in landing the best opportunities. At the same time, an executive resume should serve as marketing material that demonstrates your value and qualifications by emphasizing your core skills, accomplishments, and experience. 

Q: What questions should I ask an executive resume writer?

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Can you provide examples of resumes you have written for executives in my industry?
  • What is your process for gathering information and creating a personalized resume?
  • Do you offer additional services such as cover letter writing or LinkedIn profile optimization?

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