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Creative Resume Templates MS Word, Pages [2024]

One of the most valued skills in the corporate world today is creativity. It is ranked among the essential skills businesses are seeking nowadays.

It's essential to make an instant impression in the creative sector as there are so many competitors. Our creative templates use the best editing practices, focusing on layouts that make your information concise and clear, with a balance of text and white space. Creative resume templates highlight your experience and emphasize your unique qualifications.

Each layout is easy to customize, so you can be sure your resume will look professional in every aspect.

When to use creative resume templates

The creative niche includes a variety of fields spanning many categories. From these, graphic and web design, writing, advertising, photography, and architecture are among the first that come to mind.

Besides the full-time creatives who build their entire careers in a specific creative niche, some use their talents for freelance jobs. Whether you are a freelance digital marketer, illustrator, or UX designer, you can use these creative resume templates to showcase your work projects.

In addition, you don't need to be creative by definition to introduce yourself creatively.

Getting started with a creative resume template

Choose a template that fits your style.

You can choose from various creative resume templates when creating a resume instead of beginning with a blank canvas. Once you've found a layout you like, download and open it in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.

Customize it to make it your own.

Using columns and text boxes, you can customize your layout. These features can help you emphasize the most important information, give you more freedom, and shorten your resume if you have a lot of content to share.

Balance out white space and text.

Use white space between sections to help the reader quickly scan the content. Make sure your style is consistent, clean, and well-executed. Stick with a more traditional alternative if you don't feel comfortable incorporating bold design aspects on your resume.

Showcase your creative niche.

You can customize your creative resume in a variety of ways. Showcase your originality in both the content and the design. Academic projects, research, freelancing, professional work, and hobbies are examples of experience representing your skills. To demonstrate your personality, describe your interests, foreign language skills, ambitions, or unique talents.

Put a face to the name with a headshot.

A headshot is required in some industries and countries, so a creative resume template should include space for it. Some creative resumes have your picture to put a face to your artwork. Additionally, there's room to place your business's logo, perfect if you work as a freelancer.

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