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6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Find Your Dream Job

6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself To Find Your Dream Job

You find yourself in the job market, looking for a new employment opportunity. Now, you may be tempted to rush through the process. To start editing your resume, looking at job listings, and putting together a cover letter. Before you do this, pause. Think about what you truly want to do.

Only about a third of employees in the world feel engaged in their job. In other words, two-thirds of all employees are not in their dream jobs feeling fulfilled. This decreases not only productivity levels but also one’s well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to look within yourself before looking for your dream job.
Find a quiet place to sit back, relax, and get to know your authentic self. Even if you have ideas about what you would like to do, they may not align with your authentic self. Forget about the job title you want or the salary you’re looking for. Instead, think about who you are and what you genuinely enjoy.

To find your dream job, start asking yourself these questions:

1. Who are you?
2. What do you love?
3. What are you really good at?
4. What do you dislike doing?
5. What goals do you have?
6. Who do you look up to?

1. Who are you?

Think about the fundamental aspects of your personality. Do you prefer to work on your own or in a team? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? You must define these characteristics before looking for a job. In turn, you will be able to find jobs suited to you and your personality.
A great way to figure out your character traits is to take an online personality test. These will show you your essential characteristics, and some will even suggest ideas about unique dream jobs based on your results. Although these may not be interesting to you, they will point you in the right direction.

3. What do you love?

Being passionate about your work is the best way to perform better and feel fulfilled and satisfied with your career. To find your dream job, think about what you love doing.
What could you do for hours on end? What gets you energized and creative? What do you think of doing when bored?
You don’t need to think of careers at this point. You may love baking or hiking, or listening to music. Write these ideas down. There are thousands of unique dream jobs that may suit your passions.

3. What are you really good at?

Your dream job is waiting where your passions and your skills meet. Usually, the longer you pursue your passion, the better you get at it. Combining your skills and passions may highlight a dream career you never even thought about. Moreover, if you’re looking for dream jobs that pay well, it is best to look for one you are good at.
When thinking about what you’re good at, don’t rely just on your own opinion. What do other people often praise you for? Singing? Teaching? Art? Focus on what you have a natural talent for.

4. What do you dislike doing?

This question will have you focus in the opposite direction. What are the things that you particularly dislike doing? For example, working as a librarian might not be the best for you if you are an extrovert.
Furthermore, think about why you dislike these activities. Do you dislike gardening because of being outside or because your knees hurt? Do you try to avoid email conversations because you dislike writing or because you don’t feel comfortable using a computer?
Rather than defining which careers to avoid, you want to find out why you dislike some activities. For example, knowing that you are not comfortable working outside will keep you away from manual labor. In turn, this will further narrow down your career options.

5. What goals do you have?

Knowing your personal and career goals is essential to finding a dream job. In the end, they will shape and determine the career you will pursue.
Ask yourself, what are your goals when it comes to relationships? Finances? Family? Health?
All of these will affect your career search. If you want to settle down with a family, a career that requires a lot of travel isn’t for you. Working for NGOs might not be the best option if you’re seeking financial security. In the end, it is crucial to pursue a career that will align with your general life goals.

6. Who do you look up to?

Think about the people whom you admire, both personally and professionally. This may be a friend who is always willing to help, an artist whose paintings tell a story, or a mentor you get guidance from. Now, think about why you admire these people. What unique traits do they have? Could you incorporate these qualities into your career? Could you also tell your story through art? Or share your experience and guide others? Thinking about why you look up to certain people can help you identify qualities you hold in high esteem. In turn, you can find a dream job in which you also gain these qualities.
Once you have answered these questions, write down the job description of your ideal job. Then, start taking action. Network with friends and acquaintances and share what your dream job looks like. They can help you connect with the perfect opportunity. Apart from that, you may share your vision during the job interview, if relevant.

Remember that your answers may change with time. Thus, don’t hesitate to revisit this exercise and change your answers. It is never too late to start doing what you truly love. The right job will make you happy and more engaged, creative, and inspired.

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