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Registered Nurse Job Description [with Examples]

Registered Nurse Job Description

A Registered Nurse (RN) is tasked with collaborating with other medical specialists to assist in treating patients with different types of illnesses, disabilities, or injuries. Their responsibilities include discussing patient requirements with doctors and other Registered Nurses, providing IVs and medication to improve the health of their patients, and utilizing medical equipment to track patients’ vital signs. They collaborate closely with supervising physicians to determine patients’ needs, evaluate their progress, provide treatment, and carry out other associated responsibilities.

What does a registered nurse (RN) do?

Registered Nurses often give medical assistance to doctors and their patients while working for hospitals, healthcare clinics, rehabilitation centers, or care homes. To perform care chores, health exams, and provide medicine to their patients, they collaborate closely with other Registered Nurses. They must inject IVs, monitor patients’ vital signs, administer injections, and make patients feel at ease as part of their duties. They could also be in charge of helping a patient’s loved ones learn how to do particular activities once the patient returns home, such as changing bandages or giving medications.

Registered nurse job duties and responsibilities:

Depending on the workplace, an RN’s responsibilities may change; however, they often consist of the following: 

  •  Track and observe patient behavior 
  • Conduct physical exams and diagnostic procedures 
  • Gather the patient’s medical history 
  • Consult with patients and their families to explain treatment options 
  • Handle additional forms of therapy such as changing bandages on wounds and administering medicines
  • Read and analyze patient data, making suitable treatment decisions 
  • Speak with managers and medical professionals to determine the best course of therapy for patients 
  • Manage and oversee the work of nurses, nursing assistants, and nurse aides 
  • Give care both before and after surgery 
  • Collect blood pressure, temperature, and pulse readings from the patient 
  • Manage junior employees 
  • Offer families and patients emotional support 
  • Mentor nursing students

Registered nurse qualifications and skills:

To be a successful RN, an individual has to possess a wide range of skills. These are some examples of the required skills: 

  • RNs must be organized since they frequently care for several patients simultaneously. 
  • An attentive, empathetic, nonjudgmental RN can ease the patient by being kind and caring. 
  • Being able to communicate with patients, colleagues, and doctors is a crucial ability for RNs. Good interaction requires effective communication. 
  • Patience will aid an RN in making wise judgments and coping with stress and misunderstandings. 
  • Being dedicated will enable an RN to keep developing their skills and commit to patient care.
  • An RN stands for lengthy periods, which requires stamina. The profession also calls for physical strength when lifting patients and providing assistance. 
  • An RN must be able to assess, analyze, and judge the many scenarios they encounter and take the appropriate action. 
  • To make appropriate decisions, an RN must have a capacity for observation, resilience, and initiative.
  • When communicating with patients and their families, an RN must have the capacity to handle emotionally sensitive and demanding circumstances and topics.

Registered nurse experience and education requirements

Candidates must hold a nursing associate degree or above; however, many RNs go on to get a bachelor’s or master’s. Obtaining a nursing degree in one of the four specialties—adult nursing, pediatric nursing, learning disability nursing, or mental health nursing—is the primary path to becoming a qualified nurse. A few NHS organizations are currently providing nursing degree apprenticeships. They are comparable to nursing degrees, combining academic study with clinical experience, but they are employer-led rather than university-led. Since the apprenticeship is at the degree level, Level 3 credentials (A level or equivalent) are often necessary. Candidates who have successfully completed a nursing associate apprenticeship will be able to complete a nursing degree sooner than other applicants since the apprenticeship will be counted toward it.

After earning a degree, the candidate must get state licensing by passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Depending on their state, nurses might need to meet additional licensing requirements. For RNs to renew their licensure, education credits are often required. RNs should have the appropriate training for the role since they need varied training for different work contexts.

Use this registered nurse job description to write your resume and cover letter

To provide the best possible patient care, we are looking for an RN to join our medical team and analyze, develop, execute, and evaluate nursing care plans. 

Primary duties, tasks, and responsibilities 

  • Monitor and evaluate patients 
  • Implement thorough nursing care plans for patients 
  • Provide treatments and prescription drugs 
  • keep track of and report symptoms and changes to the patient’s condition 
  • Consult the medical staff about the patient’s condition 
  • Keep up-to-date, correct patient records 
  • Assist with patient preparation, exams, and treatments 
  • Aid in the interpretation of diagnostic test findings 
  • Provide patients and their families with psychological, emotional, and educational assistance 
  • Maintain a healthy, safe working environment by following all applicable laws and regulations 
  • Follow infection-control guidelines 
  • Follow all protocols and laws pertaining to the administration and storage of medications 

Education, certifications, and experience required 

  • An associate’s, bachelor’s, or diploma from a recognized nursing school 
  • Current registration with the appropriate state nursing board
  • The appropriate certifications, such as BLS, CPR, and ACLS
  • Relevant knowledge

Essential skills 

  • Teamwork 
  • Effective communication
  • Organization and planning
  • Focus on the details
  • Adaptability
  • Aptitude for addressing issues
  • Making decisions and using judgment
  • Resistance to stress

Experience required:

  • Two years of experience as a nurse 
  • A year’s worth of pediatric experience

Different shifts are available. The order of the available shifts will be determined during the interview. It’s necessary to work every other weekend.

XYZ Hospital is growing its team of medical staff in the pediatric ward and seeking a registered nurse to join the hospital and work primarily night and weekend shifts. Must be registered with the state board, with experience in pediatric care and open last-minute schedule changes.

Requirements and duties: 

  • Works with medical professionals and other members of a multidisciplinary team. 
  • Offers medical patients, their friends, and their families emotional and physical support.
  • Determines the needs for patient care through developing a close relationship with patients and their families.
  • Maintains therapeutic standards; compares health results to patient care objectives and institutional or regulatory criteria.
  • Uses interdisciplinary team techniques to address the needs and issues of patients.
  • Keeps the workplace safe and orderly by adhering to policies, guidelines, and rules.
  • Prevents infections by following infection control policies and procedures, medication administration and storage guidelines, and laws governing restricted substances.
  • Ensures that equipment is operating by performing necessary preventative maintenance, requesting repairs, and assessing new tools and procedures.
  • Supports the team’s efforts by completing pertinent tasks as required.

Registered nurse skills and qualifications:

  • Clinical expertise 
  • Good manners
  • Infection prevention
  • An understanding of physiology
  • Dispensing medicine
  • Medical cooperation
  • Multitasking, verbal communication, and listening
  • Upkeep and promotion of health

Requirements for education, experience, and licensing:

  • Licensed Nurse (RN) 
  • Current, appropriate state licensing
  • BLS and ACLS certifications issued by the American Heart Association
  • Clean background check and drug test

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