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Jon Gregory <[email protected]>September, 27 2022

Hi Sicelo,

Thank you very much for using our resume review service and for submitting your resume. I’ve read through the document you uploaded and I would make some observations, suggestions and recommendations under the various headings below.

Overall View

I can see you’re at an early stage of your career, having recently graduated 4 years ago. However, this is an excellent stage to be considering how best to structure your resume and how to include more in it for the future, as time goes by.


Actions to take

  • You need to add a few brief words to add context under your work experiences, for both of the periods of employment. For example, are these big companies or small enterprises? The more you can show strong employers, the more it shows your experience as more valuable.
  • It’s good you have a ‘Professional Summary’ section.It reads well, but focus more on what you can bring or deliver to the potential employer, not just on what you are. Also, use bullets to make your points, to make readability easier.
  • Try and also include achievements within your ‘Experience’ section, if possible. Also, if you can, try to make them relevant to the job you are next applying for.
  • The ‘Professional Skills’ section works well for you, but some of the items at the bottom are not bold. Aim for consistency.
  • Remove the score charts on both pages. Who is to say the level of your skills is 4 or 5? You risk being rejected if someone else just lists their skills as higher than yours, even if they’re not. In any case, the recruiter may just think, ‘Okay, I’ll wait for someone who scores 5 on them all’.
  • The resume can be brief, but you need to make it stand out against other potential candidates. Your resume does this quite well through the information and sections you present.
  • The two page resume is good for your stage.
  • Your soft skills are presented – these are crucial as they are usually transferrable skills – but change ‘Attributes’ to ‘Personal Qualities’, or similar. Try to demonstrate these as well within your ‘Experience’ section, where relevant under the employers. Lose ‘Driven’ (It’s cliched and covered by ‘Self-motivated) and lose ‘Focused’ (Focused on what? And it is covered ‘Result-oriented’.)
  • Pick up keywords you need to show from the advert for the roles you apply for and include them.
  • Tailor your resume by trying to show the ‘story’ of your development and growth and how the next job is perfect for both you and the employer.
  • Only include hobbies which show additional useful skills or expertise.
  • Ideally show some unexpected added-value that is not asked for, but might give you an edge over the other applicants. Maybe you have extra language skills, but also a personal capability or a deep external interest may be of use here. This isn’t always possible, but it’s always worth exploring.
  • The top right dark block looks like you may have a photo in mind? Only include a photo if it is asked for, or it is customary in your field. This helps to reduce unconscious bias on the part of the reader.
  • Only shows references if they are specifically asked for at this stage.

In conclusion

  • You should have confidence that you already have many positive skills, qualities and experiences that are transferable to you next employer, but always think about how you can increase this and take actions to do that.
  • You can’t win everything as so much depends on the ad, the reader and the specific competition so it’s all about relentlessly working to improve the odds in your favour with every word, sentence and bullet point on the resume.
  • Make sure you incorporate relevant keywords. Pick these up from the ad. Prioritize these and make sure to show the highest priority ones prominently and in the correct sections.

I hope that helps you win the role you really want. If anything isn’t clear, or you feel you need further help to rewrite the resume to score more highly, do please come back to us, we’re always pleased to help.

All best wishes,

Jon Gregory

Career Coach and Resume Writer

Jon Gregory
Resume Expert, Resumeway
[email protected]

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