Modern Resume Templates

Modern resume templates are designed to make your resume stand out.

Resume Template Modern 120930

Modern Resume Template 120930, MS Word, (Brown)

Modern Resume Template 120740

Modern Resume Template 120740, Green

Modern Resume Template 120730

Modern Resume Template 120730, Brown

Modern Resume Template 120530

Modern Resume Template 120530 (brown)

Modern Resume Template 120520

Modern Resume Template 120520 (green)

Modern Resume Template 120460

Yellow & White Modern Resume Template 120460

Modern Resume Template 120440

Brown & White Modern Resume Template 120440

Resume Us

Modern Resume Template 120300, MS Word, Pages

Classic Resume Template 120280

Modern Resume Template 120280, MS Word, Pages

Modern Resume Template 120100

Modern Resume Template 120100 Brown, Word

Modern Resume Template 120090

Modern Resume Template 120090 Violet, MS Word

Modern Resume Template 120070

Modern Resume Template [120070], MS Word, Green

Resume Template 110980

Green Modern Resume Template 110980, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 110960

Brown Modern Resume Template 110960, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 110950

Violet Modern Resume Template 110950, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 110340

Modern Resume Template 110340, MS Word, Yellow

Resume Template 110330

Modern Resume Template 110330, MS Word, Violet

Resume Template 110310

Modern Resume Template 110310, MS Word, Green

Modern Resume Template 120240

Sepia & White Modern Resume Template 120240

Resume Template 105040

Green Craft Resume 105040, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 105030

Violet Craft Resume 105030, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 105010

Brown Craft Resume 105010, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 110690

Simple Modern Resume 110690, Green, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template 110680

Resume Template 110680

Resume Template 110670

Resume Template 110670

Modern Resume Template 110660

Green & White Resume Template 110660

Modern Resume Template 110650

Brown Skill Bars Resume 110650

Modern Resume Template 110640

Violet Skill Bars Resume 110640

Modern Resume Template 110500

Resume Template Modern 110500, MS Word, Pages, Brown

Modern Resume Template 110490

Resume Template Modern 110490, MS Word, Pages, Violet

Modern Resume Template 110470

Resume Template Modern 110470, MS Word, Pages, Green

Resume Template 110420

Brown CV Resume Template 110420, MS Word, Pages

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Modern resume templates for 2023

With the ever-changing job market, it has become increasingly important to have a modern resume template that stands out from the rest. Modern resume templates provide a platform for job seekers to showcase their skills and experiences in order to stand out from the competition. These templates come with features such as customizable layouts, easy-to-use design tools, and pre-filled sections that make it easier for job seekers to create an effective resume quickly. Modern resume templates are also optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) so that employers can easily find the information they need when considering candidates.

Choose a modern resume template that best suits your needs

Select a modern template that matches your expectations and start filling in your information to get started. If you want to get noticed, choose one of our templates with a photo. You can also easily add or remove a picture of yourself from any resume template. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced job seeker, a well-made CV template can help you increase your chance of landing the job you have been searching for.

When to use a modern resume template

Modern templates are ideal for demonstrating that your personality is suitable for the job. A modern resume template is perfect for sales, marketing, or finance positions, but its adaptability allows you to use them for a wide variety of jobs and companies. A modern resume can also help you stand out in the job market. If you truly want to stand out, incorporate a photo of yourself on your CV. A splash of color and a bold design can help keep your name in a recruiter's mind. To demonstrate that you are a well-rounded applicant, keep your content brief and to the point.

Modern resume templates for Microsoft Word, Pages to download

You can easily save your resume as a Microsoft Word or Pages document using our resume and cover letter templates. Alternatively, you can save your resume as a .pdf document for printing. All that's left is to choose your ideal template, personalize it, and land your dream job in no time! With our collection of professional resume templates and cover letter templates, you'll have no trouble impressing recruiters.

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