Elegant Resume Templates

Elegant resume templates are designed to make a sophisticated and professional impression.

Elegant Resume Template 120980

Elegant Resume Template 120980, MS Word, Pages

Elegant Resume Template 120970

Elegant Resume Template 120970 Blue, MS Word

Elegant Resume Template 120960

Elegant Resume Template 120960, MS Word, Pages

Elegant Resume Template 120950

Elegant Resume Template 120950, MS Word, Pages

Resume Template Elegant 120900

Brown Elegant Resume Template 120900, Word

Resume Template Elegant 120890

Green Elegant Resume Template 120890, Word

Resume Template Elegant 120880

Blue Elegant Resume Template 120880, Word

Resume Template Elegant 120870

Black Elegant Resume Template 120870, Word

Elegant Resume Template 120140

White Brown Elegant Resume Template 120140

Elegant Resume Template 120130

White Blue Elegant Resume Template 120130

Elegant Resume Template 120110

White Violet Elegant Resume Template 120110

Resume Template 120020

Yellow Block Resume 120020

Resume Template 120010

Green Block Resume 120010

Resume Template 120000

Violet Block Resume 120000

Resume Template 110990

Grey Block Resume 110990

Resume Template 110940

Elegant Resume Template 110940, Blue

Resume Template 110930

Elegant Resume Template 110930, Brown

Resume Template 110920

Elegant Resume Template 110920, Violet

Resume Template 110910

Elegant Resume Template 110910, Green

Elegant Resume Template 110900

Resume Template 110900, MS Word, Pages, Orange

Resume Template 110890

Resume Template 110890, MS Word, Pages, Blue

Resume Template 110880

Resume Template 110880, MS Word, Pages, Green

Resume Template 110870

Resume Template 110870, MS Word, Pages, Brown

Resume Template 107000

Frame Elegant Resume 107000, Green

Resume Template 106090

Frame Elegant Resume 106090, Blue

Resume Template 106080

Elegant Resume Template 106080, Violet

Resume Template 106070

Frame Elegant Resume 106070, Brown

Elegant Resume Template 120120

White Grey Elegant Resume Template 120120

Elegant Resume Template 110860

Resume Template Elegant 110860, MS Word, Pages, Green

Elegant Resume Template 110850

Resume Template Elegant 110850, MS Word, Pages, Brown

Elegant Resume Template 110840

Resume Template Elegant 110840,MS Word, Pages, Violet

Elegant Resume Template 110830

Resume Template Elegant 110830, MS Word, Pages, Blue

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Elegant resume templates for 2023

One of the first steps when job hunting is creating a resume. You can simplify that process with our professional, editable, pre-built elegant resume templates. Your resume will stand out, look professional, and save you time. Consider your dream job and how it should reflect on the design. Elegant resume templates are simple in design, with neutral palettes and clean lines. Design that emphasizes readability is one of this resume's best assets. You can now concentrate on the quality of your resume content. Ensure that your accomplishments, talents, and expertise are all well-highlighted.

When you are done, save your resume in the high-resolution format you need. Choose from Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or  PDF formats to attach to emails or applications.

When to use an elegant resume template

Do you have any doubts about whether an attractive resume template is perfect for you? One method to determine is to gain a sense of the company's image. Visit their website and follow them on social media. Even the logo might give you an idea of the workplace you're working with. Is the company traditional and serious, more conservative than showy, in your opinion? These are clear clues that you should choose a professional, elegant resume template. Elegant templates are most used in the administration, education, and healthcare industries. If the job requires a graduate degree, you will need an elegant resume template. Yet, these templates are also suitable for other scenarios.

How do you choose the best elegant resume template for you?

There are many options available when searching for printable resume templates. Begin by asking yourself the following questions to define your options:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Does the organization have a distinct presence or culture?
  • Does the job require skills that a specific template highlights?
  • What do I want others to think about me based on the template?
  • Do I want it to be a representation of my personality?
  • Have I found a balance between my audience's and my preferences?

Answering these questions is critical for choosing a suitable resume template and tailoring your resume to various jobs.

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