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Professionally designed resume templates that help you to shine throughout the application process.

Resume Template Modern 120940

Modern Resume Template 120940, MS Word, (Grey)

Resume Template Modern 120920

Modern Resume Template 120920, MS Word, (Blue)

Elegant Resume Template 120970

Elegant Resume Template 120970 Blue, MS Word

Classic Resume Template 120750

Classic Resume Template 120750 Word, Grey


Classic Resume Template 120760 Word, Blue

Classic Resume Template 120660

Classic Resume Template 120660 (grey)

Classic Resume Template 120630

Classic Resume Template 120630 Blue, MS Word

Classic Resume Template 120290

Modern Resume Template 120290, MS Word, Pages

Classic Resume Template 120270

Modern Resume Template 120270, MS Word, Pages

Modern Resume Template 120710

Modern Resume Template 120710, Grey

Modern Resume Template 120720

Modern Resume Template 120720, Blue

Classic Resume Template 120840

Classic Resume Template 120840, MS Word, Blue

Classic Resume Template 120790

Classic Resume Template 120790, MS Word, (Grey)

Classic Resume Template 120810

Classic Resume Template 120810, MS Word, (Blue)

Classic Resume Template 120670

Classic Resume Template 120670 (grey)

Classic Resume Template 120680

Classic Resume Template 120680 (blue)

Modern Resume Template 120510 (blue)

Modern Resume Template 120510 (blue)

Modern Resume Template 120540

Modern Resume Template 120540 (grey)

Classic Resume Template 120380

Blue & White Classic Resume Template 120380

Classic Resume Template 120370

Black & Gray Classic Resume Template 120370

Classic Resume Template 120350

Black & White Classic Resume Template 120350

Resume Template Elegant 120880

Blue Elegant Resume Template 120880, Word

Modern Resume Template 120430

Blue & White Modern Resume Template 120430

Modern Resume Template 120460

Yellow & White Modern Resume Template 120460

Modern Resume Template 120450

Grey & White Modern Resume Template 120450

Classic Resume Template 120590

Black & Gray Classic Resume 120590

Classic Resume Template 120600

Blue & Gray Classic Resume 120600

Classic Resume Template 120220

Black White Neutral Resume 120220, MS Word, Pages

Classic Resume Template 120190

Blue White Neutral Resume 120190, MS Word, Pages

Classic Resume Template 120200

Yellow White Neutral Resume 120200, MS Word, Pages

Modern Resume Template 120080

Modern Resume Template [120080], MS Word, Blue

Modern Resume Template 120090

Modern Resume Template 120090 Violet, MS Word

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Free & premium resume templates for 2023 by Resumeway

Free and premium resume templates and cover letter examples help you stand out in any application process and take the worry out of writing your resume or cover letter. This collection of resume templates provides the ideal solution for you, whether searching for a classic, elegant, creative, or modern cover letter or resume template. Our templates are also easily scannable by applicant tracking systems (ATS) and help you get started fast.

Modern Resume Templates

Modern resume designs are ideal for demonstrating to employers that your personality is suitable for the position. A modern resume template is perfect for sales, marketing, or finance employment. However, their adaptability allows you to use them for various jobs or industries.

Creative Resume Templates

Adding bold accents when applying for positions in the creative industry, such as creative director, content creator, or graphic designer, is the best way to stand out against other applicants. For these industries, choose from our selection of creative templates.

Classic Resume Templates

Classic resume templates are suitable for practically any position or sector, but they are especially effective for prominent positions at traditional organizations. Applicants for jobs in health care, administration, logistics, or finance will benefit from our classic templates, which are easy to scan and avoid distracting design features.

Elegant Resume Templates

The choices in this category will benefit almost any position that requires a simple, elegant resume template with a hint of sophistication. Elegant templates can be effective for the healthcare, education, or IT industries. They are suitable for any role that demands an elegant resume that focuses on your achievements and skills.

All resume and cover letter templates are designed by career experts, so you can concentrate on landing the job rather than worrying about the perfect resume design. When you are done creating your resume, save it as a high-resolution PDF or Word document that you can publish to job boards or attach to your application. You can also print copies to bring to your job interviews.

How to choose the right resume format? When should you avoid using a functional resume?

Which resume format is ideal for you: chronological, functional, or hybrid/combination? The strategy outlined below will help you determine which format will best help you accomplish your goals.

  • Chronological resume format: This resume style displays information in the form of a timeline or chronology of events. When using a chronological structure, job seekers usually describe their most recent employment at the top of the resume and then backward to describe previous roles. The benefit of this form of resume is that it emphasizes a logical evolution in your career.
  • Functional resume format: Functional resumes emphasize skills. Rather than structuring content chronologically, this format focuses on functions or important skill areas. Functional resumes are ideal for candidates with gaps in their career history or work experience unrelated to the position. But this format also highlights gaps in a candidate's job history. It might not be the greatest format for changing careers or looking to re-enter the job market.
  • Hybrid / Combination resume format: The hybrid/combination resume style combines chronological and functional formats. While not as popular as the first two formats, the hybrid format may be the one for you if none of the other formats appear to work for you. It's an excellent option if you're changing jobs or have a varied but consistent employment history.

How long should a resume be in 2023?

The length of your resume might vary depending on your experience, industry, and the position you're applying for. So, how long should your resume be?

  • One Page Resume:  This is perfect if you have less than ten years of formal work experience, or if you are an entry-level worker or a recent graduate,
  • Two-Page Resume: This is perfect for someone with 10+ years of work experience or actively involved in community service or volunteering. Two pages allow you to go into more important information about your accomplishments and incorporate distinct sections that can offer the resume relevance and depth.
  • Three + Page Resume: A resume of this length should only be used for a few select instances, including that of individuals with academic backgrounds, government officials, or senior-level executives. This resume style is excellent for persons with significant experience who want or need to include articles, patents, trademarks, or other information in addition to their job history, education, and abilities.

How to use keywords in your resume

By putting keywords in your resume and cover letter, you will boost your chances of securing a job interview. Keywords are words and phrases that refer to specific job needs.

  • Look for job descriptions that are relevant to your position. First, go through the listings line by line, removing any terms or phrases that are irrelevant to your background. The keywords or phrases will be scattered throughout the job description, as well as in the “qualifications” and “responsibilities” sections. Then, I Include the most common keywords in your resume.
  • Pick the right resume keywords: Include as many keywords as you can that are linked to the specific position. The more concentrated and detailed you are in your wording, the higher chance you will have of demonstrating that you are a good match and making it through the resume scanning software.

The keyword-optimized resume quickly indicates to the recruiters that you're on the right track. Seeing terms and phrases that correspond to the screeners' priorities immediately instills confidence that you're likely worth an interview.

Frequently asked questions about resume templates

What is a professional resume template?

A resume template is a pre-made professional document that is already formatted. Instead of starting from scratch when designing your resume, save time and make a great first impression using a well-designed professional resume template. Now, you can focus solely on your content. Focus on improving its quality, and ensure that you highlight your skills and achievements effectively.

How to improve your resume in 2023?

You've put in a lot of effort to create your job search materials. Rather than letting them gather dust, use the following job search strategies to launch them into the world of work and get closer to reaching your career objectives.
If your resume is receiving fewer calls for interviews, try troubleshooting the issue by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Have I written my resume for the target audience?
  • Have I used relevant keywords and tailored my CV to highlight my experience in the essential skill areas for each role?
  • Have I provided my job history, education, and other credentials?
  • Have I chosen a design that reflects my personality for my resume?
  • Am I applying for employment for which I am generally qualified?
  • Am I personalizing each CV to include the position title as well as any words from the job description?

Where to download resume templates for free?

You will find a wide variety of free resume templates with attractive designs online. There are free resume templates ready for editing in PDF, Doc, and Pages formats. However, these are typically made by designers with little to no knowledge of recruitment. This results in poor resume design that doesn't adhere to basic HR standards and the risk of failure when applying for a job.

What are the best word resume templates for 2023?

Are you unsure which professional-looking resume template to use? Find inspiration on our list of the best Word Resume Templates and recommendations for specific occupations and industries.

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