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Jon Gregory <[email protected]>September, 27 2022

Hi Tanya,

Thank you very much for using our resume review service and for submitting your resume. I’ve read through the document you uploaded and I would make some observations, suggestions and recommendations under the various headings below.

Overall View

You come across as a strong candidate for your field of recruitment services within the oil and gas industry. There is enough content provided but the issues I can see are:

  • The resume is much too long to easily scan-read and, I think, too fragmented and your history is confusing in some parts.
  • Your focus is mainly on the activities you have engaged in, rather than the value you can bring to a new employer.
  • Your achievements are mainly listed at the end of the document, meaning they may never get seen.
  • The keywords you need to show are either absent or are buried too deeply.

I believe your challenge is to focus more tightly. The actions you can take are:

  • Run to 2 pages absolute maximum.
  • Include the keywords specifically relevant to the opportunity you are applying for.
  • Rewrite to increase the chance of making a very positive impact when a reader scan-reads it.
  • Ensure that you provide the informative depth for when the reader reads properly.
  • Structure your content to clearly show that you are one of the leading applicants, in comparison to other likely applicants who will probably be similar to you.
  • Ideally show some unexpected added-value that is not asked for, but might give you an edge over the other applicants.

Towards these actions, some specific points are listed below.

Professional summary section

  • The summary includes good content, as does the ‘professional skills’ section, but merge these two and lose the irrelevant content.
  • Use the Ad or job spec as a guide for what to include in this section.
  • After a more brief opening paragraph, use one line bullet points to score against the requirements.

Employment history section

  • For each employer, say one or two lines about them, to show the scale of your responsibilities, relative to the next job you are applying for.
  • Briefly express the scope of your work in 2 or 3 lines maximum.
  • Then use a few bullet points to show your achievements / value delivered in that role.
  • Give highest priority to your current role, as this is what carries the biggest weight for you.
  • Your Air Energi Pacifica experience appears broken and suggests you had lots of jobs and changed regularly. Instead, consider pulling your experience there together under one banner from June 2012 to Jan 2019.
  • Then briefly explain that you were regularly rewarded with promotion.
  • Briefly explain (a short paragraph or a few bullets) the scope of your role.
  • Then outline your achievements, as they show what you can achieve.
  • I found the Langley experience confusing. It either needs incorporating as an achievement under Air Energi, or it needs separating out into a section later in the resume.
  • Strive to reduce unnecessary detail – people broadly know what a recruiter does, so only focus on what they want to see by using the ad as a guide.

Other sections

  • Focus on the main relevant qualifications only, school is taken as read, unless asked for or there’s a strong reason to include it.
  • Make the professional training briefer and remove the irrelevancies (eg MS Word, Excel, etc.) unless they tie in to what was asked for in the ad.
  • Incorporate the achievements from ‘Interests and Achievements’ into the main body of the resume.
  • I couldn’t see any actual interests you have, but never list any unless they are asked for and / or they are strongly relevant and value-adding to make you stand out above the other likely candidates.
  • Don’t mention references unless they are specifically asked for at this stage.

Visual Presentation and Organization

  • Your basic layout and sequence of sections is good, but consider removing the black border.
  • Don’t include a photo unless it is customary and / or asked for.

Resume Writing

  • Make sure to correct the punctuation errors and improve consistency from section to section.

In conclusion

  • You should have confidence that you have the skills and experience necessary, so it most definitely is possible to present yourself as one of the top eligible candidates more frequently.
  • You can’t win everything as so much depends on the ad, the reader and the specific competition so it’s all about relentlessly working to improve the odds in your favour with every word, sentence and bullet point on the resume.
  • Make sure you incorporate the relevant keywords. Prioritize these and make sure to show the highest priority ones prominently and in the correct sections.

I hope that helps you win the role you really want. If anything isn’t clear, or you feel you need further help to rewrite the resume to score more highly, do please come back to us, we’re always pleased to help.

All best wishes,

Jon Gregory

Career Coach and Resume Writer

Jon Gregory
Resume Expert, Resumeway
[email protected]

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