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How to Use a TikTok Resume to Find Your Dream Job

Tiktok Resumes

TikTok Resume is a newly launched feature that allows users to find jobs within the TikTok app. With over 30 companies to choose from, this is a great chance for the users to apply to jobs using a video essay. The TikTok Resumes program also features job hunting tips, job listings, and much more. And although it only offers US openings for now, its growing popularity suggests that it could become a strong job search tool.

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What is a TikTok resume? 

Forget about writing lengthy cover letters and resumes. Video essays are the way to go – at least according to TikTok. The TikTok resumes program encourages users to highlight their experience in 15-second videos. Then, users can choose to either post their TikTok resume on the public #TikTokResumes channel or apply to job positions on the site. Employers from participating companies can then review their videos and schedule interviews.

The job listings include positions at globally renowned businesses such as Shopify, TargetNASCAR, Sony Music, or Forever 21. For now, all the positions are only US-based. But, more companies worldwide will likely want to join the program should it prove to be effective. With the growth of the program, TikTok has also had to address some privacy concerns over video resumes. In a warning to all users, TikTok urged not to share any personal or contact information, unlike in a traditional resume.

Tiktok Resume Video

How to create your TikTok resume

The process of creating a TikTok resume is pretty direct. To post a TikTok resume, you have to have a public TikTok account. Thankfully, signing up for the app only takes a few minutes. If you’re mainly using the app for job hunting, remember to keep your profile picture and username professional.

Before filming, outline what you want to say. If you’re not applying for a specific job listing, find out what the positions you would like to work at require. Thanks to the platform’s strong toolset, you can easily edit your video without using a professional video editor. Add background music, cut the video, or use the green screen feature to show off your accomplishments in the background.

Once your TikTok resume is ready, add the #TikTokResumes hashtag, write a short caption, and post it! This will add the video to the #TikTokResumes channel, where employers can view it. To apply to specific jobs, copy the link of your video and paste it into the application form at the TikTok resume jobs page. You can also submit your LinkedIn profile link for employers to find more information about you.

If you’re new to the platform, look at the program’s official page for some inspiration. At, you can find content ranging from simple templates to tips from career experts. Moreover, you can view other users’ resumes and get some inspiration from them.

The pros & cons of using TikTok resumes

It was expected that a feature like this on a platform as big as TikTok would come with its own set of pros and cons. Thankfully, it seems as though the two are pretty balanced after the first month.

+ It’s easy to use for everyone.
The process of creating a TikTok resume will typically take less than half an hour. Of course, coming up with a creative concept might be easier for some users than others. But overall, the app is very intuitive and the program easy to navigate.

+ You can apply to multiple jobs at once.
When posting the resume to the #TikTokResumes channel, all the employers on the app can view it. This makes job-hunting less time-consuming, especially when looking for entry-level positions.

– There’s not many positions to choose from (yet).
There’s little reason to choose TikTok over more popular job boards when job hunting. Especially for someone who’s not already on the app. There’s a limited number of companies and jobs, so it doesn’t offer much for someone with specific career goals.

– Your information will be out for the world to see.
Not only are TikTok resumes public, it’s also easy for employers to view each applicant’s entire profile. And, if they find anything inappropriate, they will quickly move on. On an app used mainly to share fun, candid, relatable videos, this poses a real problem for many.

Find a career with your favorite company

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TikTok Resumes is a strategic addition to the app’s myriad functions. And while it’s not as large or feature-rich as other job sites, it works well for its target audience. For a large part of the Gen Z users, making a TikTok resume is easy to do. Plus, it adds an aspect of fun to the process of finding an entry-level job. Overall, it’s unlikely that the program will replace existing job boards. Still, its growing popularity suggests that it could become the go-to job search option for Gen Z applicants.

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