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10 Essential Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

10 Questions You Definitely Should Ask An Interviewer

When it’s your turn to ask questions during a job interview, it’s important to make the most of this opportunity to gather valuable information about the position and the company. Here are 10 strong questions that can provide you with useful insights into whether the job is right for you.

Essential questions to ask in a job interview

1. How will you measure the success of the person in this position?

Knowing how the company measures success helps you understand the expectations and metrics for success, making it easier to tailor your qualifications to demonstrate your fit for the role. It also provides insights into potential career advancement within the company

2. How do you typically onboard employees?

Understanding the company’s onboarding process provides insight into how new employees are integrated into the organization. It allows you to assess the level of support, training, and resources provided to new hires as they transition into their roles.

3. What are some of the goals or objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job?

By posing this question, you’re demonstrating a sincere interest in aligning your contributions with the employer’s goals. This can create a positive impression and showcase your dedication to making a meaningful impact in the role.

4. Can you describe a typical day for the person in this role?

By inquiring about the typical day-to-day activities in the role, you can gain valuable insight into the specific responsibilities and tasks linked to the position. This understanding allows you to evaluate how well the role matches your skills, interests, and professional aspirations..

5. What are some of the first projects the person in this role will work on?

Understanding the initial projects can also help you assess the company’s current needs and strategic focus, enabling you to tailor your responses to demonstrate how your skills and experience align with those specific projects. 

6. What is most pressing in the beginning? What would you like to have done within the next three months? 

it demonstrates your proactive approach to understanding the immediate priorities and expectations associated with the role. By gaining insight into the initial projects and timelines, you can align your responses to showcase how your skills and experience can contribute to meeting those specific objectives. This question also allows you to assess the employer’s sense of urgency and the pace at which they expect the new hire to make an impact. 

7. Would I be required to supervise other employees? If so, how many?

Understanding the supervisory expectations can help you determine if the role provides the opportunity for professional growth and development in a leadership capacity. This question also allows you to showcase your readiness to take on supervisory responsibilities and to understand the dynamics of the team you may be leading, which can leave a positive impression on the interviewer. 

8. How does this position contribute to the company?

it demonstrates your interest in understanding the broader impact and value of the role within the company’s operations and goals. By gaining insight into how the position fits into the company’s objectives, you can align your responses to showcase how your skills and experience can contribute to the organization’s success 

9. If hired, who would I report to?

Understanding the reporting relationship allows you to gauge the level of support and guidance available within the organization. This question also provides an opportunity to showcase your readiness to integrate into the team and work effectively within the established hierarchy. 

10. Is there any travel involved with this position?

This question allows you to gain clarity on the extent of travel expected, potential relocations, and any other travel-related aspects that might impact your decision

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Isabel Thottam Career Writer

Isabel Thottam

Isabel Thottam is a freelance writer and human resources professional, writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine based in Seattle.

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